2024 4th International Conference on Sensors and Information Technology(ICSI 2024)

ICSI 2022


Recently, the online conference 2022 The 2 nd International Conference on Sensors and Information Technology(ICSI2022)organized by AEIC Academic Exchange Center, was successfully held  on January 21.

Prof. Lijia Pan was making the keynote speech.


Prof. Guangwei Bai was making the keynote speech.


Prof. Qiang Chen was making the keynote speech.


Oral speeches

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Thank you for your participations!

Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Lijia Pan           Title: The emergying of Electronic Skin

Keynote Speech 2: Prof. Guangwei Bai   Title: Drone-Small-Cell-Assisted Resource Slicing for 5G Uplink Radio Access Networks

Keynote Speech 3: Prof. Qiang Chen      Title: Image projection network: a 3D-to-2D image segmentation method

Oral Speeches 1: Zijun Zhang                Title: Fiber Bragg Grating Technology for Biosensor Applications

Oral Speeches 2: Dong Cui                    Title: Deep learning-based multi-object association retrieval

Oral Speeches 3: Chaopeng Shi             Title: Multi-scale Fourier Descriptor Based on Arch Features for Shape Retrieval

Oral Speeches 4: Yiwei Chen                 Title: Using Ultrasonic Sensors to Study Sound Attenuation of Thermal Insulation Materials

Poster Persentation

YuTing Zheng ,Wuhan University of Technology

Yiwei Cheng,North China Electric Power University

Jia Song, Quanzhou Normal University